Biography | Charles Luis

The Cuban Singer & Songwriter Charles Luis is an amazing and passionate newcomer, touching people’s hearts and souls with his incredible voice, electrifying energy and overwhelming charisma. 

Ballads belong to his capital strengths. Moreover, Charles Luis is not only a romantic singer but he also loves performing any kind of different music styles, such as salsa, bachata, cha-cha-cha, con bolero and latinpop. Recently, he added house music, r&b and reggaeton to his program, too.

Born and grown up in Cuba, Charles Luis studied the art of music in Pinar del Rio. He showed a tremendous passion for singing and songwriting already at the very young age of 15, when he began writing his first own songs. In 2012, he emigrated to Switzerland and initiated 2015 his career as an impressively gifted solo singer, songwriter and artist.

In 2017, the label Start Music Management GmbH signed astonishing artist. In collaboration with the famous producer Urs Wiesendanger, they started producing his first self-written and composed song “contigo” at the well-established Powerplay Studios in Maur, Switzerland. His first song called “contigo” was first released on January 2018. In May 2018 he has released his second song "ven a mi".

In 2019, Charles Luis was several times in Cuba, giving free concerts for thousands of people to promote his songs and his name. 

In April 2020, Charles Luis released his third song "bésame lento", which was recorded in the well-known music studio DJ Unic Celula Music. He started a big music promotion in Cuba. The Swiss Radio Zürisee describes the song as a new summer hit and has added the song to the playlist. In July 2020, Charles Luis released the new song "2 locos", and in Ocotber the new single "Soy yo", both produced by the very talented Cuban DJ Master Vega. The Swiss Radio Zürisee is playing all three songs in their playslist. Worldwide online radios are playing these three songs too. "Soy yo" has been released with the Swiss label 6003 Records. 

More songs will follow soon.

Charles Luis is a breathtaking artist, his music will catch you and be part of you for the rest of your life.